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I’ve been blessed over the years to make some amazing friends.  And of course when disasters happen, everyone says you discover who your true friends are. But I think I was just lucky all along, because the friends I have, have always been there for me, before and after disaster struck.   When something like […]

Being Me

  It wasn’t until I started having bits of me cut off, that I truly understood what it meant to be a disabled person.   I remember one day, after one of my 4 amputations, that I said to my Dad, “you know, they can keep cutting bits of me away, but I’ll still be […]

I want to tell you a little about myself.

On 21st December 2012 we were told that Lou’s cancer had returned. Where cancer is concerned, it’s safe to say there’s no such thing as good timing. Though we’d heard the words several times before, we’ve always approached such a diagnosis with both positivity and a sense of hope. We’ve also known that we’ve been […]