Monthly Archives: February 2013

It’s not all about me

Something strange happens when you get cancer.  People around you – friends, family, colleagues – start to treat you a bit differently.  It’s as if you’re suddenly brave, or courageous, or maybe a hero as they see you just getting on with life.  I’ve talked about this already a bit, but it’s a subject that […]

Is there anything I can do?

I think every single one of us has heard this from our friends at some point in our life.  When things go wrong – the boiler breaks and you’re having a freezing cold shower in mid winter, your car engine explodes on the freeway, or you get bad news from a doctor (and yes all […]

It’s not all sad and bad

 You know, when everything’s hunky dory with your health and life and you hear about people, on Grey’s Anatomy or in the paper, or in your circle of friends who have been diagnosed with cancer, you imagine it must feel like the end of the world. And you feel so grateful it’s not happening to […]

Why I love Thistle

 On Friday I met with my lovely boss, Diana and she reminded me why I’ve loved working for Thistle so much.  I spoke about Thistle in my first post on this blog.  And I mentioned Diana then.  And even though I’m not able to go into work at the moment, after seeing Diana today, I […]


 It’s funny this word ‘terminal’ as for me it makes me think of airports.  I’ve always loved that feeling you get when you arrive at an airport.  My Grampa used to take me and my brother Richard to the airport when we were growing up. In those days you could go through to the departure […]