It’s funny this word ‘terminal’ as for me it makes me think of airports.  I’ve always loved that feeling you get when you arrive at an airport.  My Grampa used to take me and my brother Richard to the airport when we were growing up. In those days you could go through to the departure lounge and just watch the planes taking off and landing.  So I think that’s where my love of airports comes from.  When you arrive and you’re all excited and nervous about going somewhere new, somewhere different.  And when I go to an airport to pick someone up, I’m always wishing I could go in and get on a plane somewhere.


Yet now terminal has a whole new meaning for me.  Actually not a single doctor has used the world terminal to me yet.  Doctors just talk about managing your symptoms, about “palliative care”, pain relief and managing weeks or months to live.  But Al and I have used the word terminal when we’ve told friends and family as it’s a word people are so familiar with.


And in a way whichever definition you go with, I guess it’s the same in the end.  You’re going somewhere new and different.  Somewhere unfamiliar and unknown.  The difference is in my case, I don’t have a set departure time.  It could be tomorrow or it could be in 1 month or (if I’m very lucky) even 3 or 6 months.


But I guess I’m no different from anyone else really.  We’re all heading for a terminal (sorry to remind you of that but it is the one thing we all have in common for sure).  And none of us know our exact departure time.  So I’m just going to sit here and hope for long delays because of volcanic ash or baggage handler strikes, or snow.  Good job I live in the UK really as those are all very likely to happen.  Lucky me!!



  1. patrickohagan · · Reply

    I really admire this blog’s no-nonsense approach to life, death and language – it’s refreshingly pragmatic and Yorkshire! Always challenging and thought provoking, you’ve added new meaning for me, to a word often avoided by medics as “taboo.”
    Your definition feels uncannily accurate. The film ‘Love Actually’ talks about all the love found inside airport terminals – good things can, and do, happen while you’re delayed 😉
    I’m sure Al will insist you enjoy lots of G&T’s in the Business Lounge and when your fight is eventually called you’ll be traveling First Class.
    With my luck I’ll probably end up in the wrong destination with my bags lost by Ryanair!!
    Love & Hugs to you both xx

  2. Hi Lou, you know Love Actually has to be one of my favorite films, the opening scene at the airport gives you so many messages of other peoples feelings, just like what you described in your latest blog entry. I have called for a national strike, baggage handlers, check in staff, the works, so you make sure to have plenty of fun and rest inbetween!!! x

  3. Hi Lou, you know how much I’ve travelled and all the airport terminals I’ve been through… Never really liked that part of the trip I have to say. Now, there is one terminal there is a good chance you’ll visit before me (and that’s not even sure, because nobody knows…). But as you point out, all of us will go through that one, one day… So you can be sure WE’LL MEET AGAIN!!!! Hope the trip will not be too bad ( first class + lots of G+T’s should help), but I so much want the trip to be postponed for whatever reasons…. for as long as possible! Love, XXX

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