Why I love Thistle


 On Friday I met with my lovely boss, Diana and she reminded me why I’ve loved working for Thistle so much.  I spoke about Thistle in my first post on this blog.  And I mentioned Diana then.  And even though I’m not able to go into work at the moment, after seeing Diana today, I really felt that I missed it.  Which is strange really, I mean who misses work when they’re free to lounge around and watch daytime TV and go for coffee and cakes every day? 

 But I do miss work.  Diana’s just one of the people at Thistle.  But in a way she’s the one who represents who Thistle are.  So even though she’s my boss, she always thinks about the person first, i.e. me.  So I guess what I mean is I miss the people at work.  All the amazing people who go to work every day and make their contribution to what Thistle is and does.

 I’m realising that I’ve been genuinely honored to work for Thistle, because they (we!) really do amazing work, which is always about people first.  So this post is just to say a huge thank you to all of my colleagues and my wonderful boss at Thistle for making us who we are. 

 This may sound overly enthusiastic, but I came away from seeing Diana feeling upbeat, positive, and like I still have much to contribute.  And how many people can say that after meeting their boss?  And when they’re terminal?  Pretty impressive huh? Well I did tell you I am lucky!




  1. Pam Firth · · Reply

    I read your blog as a friend of a friend…all I can say is you re one impressive lady. I have never known the trauma/ anguish/ anxiety etc that you re going through, and I hope I never shall. However, if anyone can inspire hope and resilience in the face of adversity it’s you. May your God bless you and keep you and wherever your faith in yourself comes from, may it never end.

  2. patrickohagan · · Reply

    The lengths some people will go to, just to get a pay-rise – outrageous!!! 🙂 x
    Seriously though… If this isn’t ‘contributing’ I don’t know what is.
    I’ve never seen more valuable or productive ‘working from home.’ Your honest storytelling has real impact and influences all who read it.
    If Thistle is made up of ambassadors like you it must be a truly extraordinary organisation.
    p.s…I wouldn’t own-up to ‘super-boss’ about every single cake though 😉 xx

  3. Hello Louise (-: I enjoyed reading your most recent post, The Thistle has made such a big impact to you and your life. I think it’s great that you have such a great boss, (can I borrow her is the question)… it makes a lot of difference to so much (big and small) when you have someone like Dianne by your side. She will be grinning from ear to ear after reading your blog, and so would I be if someone had all those nice words to say about me and my workplace – from the heart – nice one Louise, your a star! x

  4. I am touched, and chuffed and proud to be your friend and colleague and boss – in that order!

    I have met many amazing people during my time at Thistle – it is what has kept me there all these years – and you are and continue to be a shining role model for us all.

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