Monthly Archives: March 2013

Crazy hope

I bought something the other day, from John Lewis’ web site of course  and Al drove me to pick it up.  So of course I got the “what on earth have you bought this time?!” question.  (Oh, if I had £1 for every time I’ve been asked that….) So instead of saying what it was […]


I’ve always believed in telling the truth, mainly because you always get caught out when you lie, or perhaps because I strive to be a good person. But we all lie don’t we?  It’s like that terrible film with Ricky Gervais, ‘The Invention of Lying’, where no one can lie…. It really makes you realise how many […]

Regrets and excuses, or memories?

Whenever I complain about how I look, my mum tells me I should appreciate how beautiful I am right now, because if I were looking back on myself, as I am today, in 20 years time, I’d be thinking “why didn’t I ever appreciate how hot I was?!!” And she’s right, you know.  Brian, my […]

The value of old friends

  These last few weeks I’ve had some wonderful times with old friends who’ve come to visit me.  My university friends, most of whom have known me since I was 17 (25 years ago….yikes!)  And then my friend, who I met in San Francisco, who came over from France with her husband. I’ve always kind […]