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My darling, beautiful wife and best friend 15.12.70 – 19.05.13



  1. heather · · Reply

    I’m so sorry to hear this news. Lou’s blog has always touched me deeply. One day i was reading the blog at my desk at work and started to cry. I quickly went outside to pull myself together, with so many of Lou’s words swimming in my head and i looked up, stopped and simply thought “isn’t it a beautiful day”. That’s what Louise’s words are all about for me. And what a beautiful effect to have on people.

  2. I didnt know Lou but I could not help but feel whatever it was that she transferred in her blogs. Thank you Louise and Alan.
    With warmest wishes to you both.

  3. Claire Lawrence · · Reply

    Thoughts are with you Al and Lou’s family. What an inspirational lady.

    Claire ( Anita’s friend )

  4. I lost my brother to cancer two weeks ago after a very short illness . . . the grief has been over-whelming. However, I just read Lou’s blog from start to finish. It made me laugh, cry, but most of all, it gave me a sense of peace and understanding. So thank you Lou. My brother also celebrated life and like Lou was a true inspiration and so courageous to the very end. To Lou’s family and friends – I’m so sorry for your loss. Take one day at a time, cherish the good memories, look after each other and celebrate Lou’s incredible life.
    Jane xxx

  5. Dear Al, I had just been reading all your story from beginning to end. I believe there is wisdom behind what happens. Rest in peace Louise.

    Amir (Malaysia)

  6. Au revoir, goodbye, totsiens, salani kakuhle… Thank you for inspiring us and for making it okay to talk about death and dying. You touched many souls. Mine included.

  7. Kate B · · Reply

    Ce n’est pas un Adieu mais un simple au revoir… RIP Lou.
    You most definitely left your mark and packed so many meaningful things into your life, inspiring others.
    Caring thoughts to your loved ones…
    Kate xx

  8. Sarah mcnae · · Reply

    Thinking of you Alan xxx

  9. Put your right hand over your left shoulder and your left hand over your right shoulder and squeeze, that’s a hug from me to you Alan. I can’t begin to imagine what you must be going through at this time but I hope you can draw some comfort knowing that your beautiful wife has inspired so many people. Louise has helped me to make some positive changes in my life through reading her blog. I really wanted to her to be able to enjoy wearing those summer sandals, so every time I slip mine on I will think of this remarkable young lady and remind myself to live in the moment.

    Teri xoxoxox

  10. I am so sorry for your very great loss Al and to all who loved her.

    I have only recently found this blog and have been so very inspired by your Lou.

  11. Julie Tyers · · Reply

    Louise will be remembered for her beauty, her strength (through all she has endured), her ambitions and her love of life. …And for sharing her last moments with the world – what courage. The memory and images of her will live on forever. Julie and Mike (Cromer, Hertfordshire)

  12. Claire · · Reply

    I’m so very sorry for your loss. I began reading Lou’s blog shortly after my dad died of cancer. Her words were so inspiring, courageous and touching that they helped me feel more peaceful about my dad’s passing. hoping your treasured memories will bring some comfort to all those who loved her

  13. your story very interesting for me, thanks

  14. alexandraandrews · · Reply

    I watched Alive last night what an amazing woman Lou was. I’m so sad she has now died without her terminal diagnosis you would not have been able to share her with the world and touch the lives of people like me. Though I’m sure you would have been content to have kept her to yourself instead. Quality rather than quantity, but what price is love….. I can see she was worth it. Thank you for helping her share her story. God Bless you x

  15. Michael Ryan · · Reply

    What an incredibly moving story. It’s a rare thing to feel such a strong sense of sadness and admiration at the same time. A strong sense of sadness that such a talented and beautiful person died so young and an equally strong sense of admiration for the dignified way she coped with her struggle. Her willingness to share her thoughts and fears openly as a way of helping others was particularly inspiring and will continue to inspire others I believe.
    I was lucky enough to have known Louise a long time ago. We worked together in the summer of 1997 in San Francisco. I was on a student visa and she was tasked by the Managing Director to oversee me and delegate work. As I had never worked in an office before, she had to teach me some of the basics such as how to use a fax machine and some computer skills. She was such a friendly and helpful person and I can recall her giving me tips about places to go on day-trips with my friends during the weekends.
    For someone who struck me as a high achiever with clear potential to climb the corporate ladder, she had a humility about her which was refreshing so it doesn’t surprise me that she found her calling in the charity sector as helping others and making a difference was undoubtedly where she was destined to make her mark.
    A few days ago when I decided to look up Louise with the intention of reconnecting after all those years, I was struck by a real sense of sadness when I learned of her story. However, I feel she has left a legacy of inspiration for others and she has definitely made a real difference in her life.
    Abraham Lincoln’s quote seems so apt “In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years”
    My belated but sincerest condolences go to Louise’s parents, her devoted husband Alan, and all her extended family and friends.

    Rest in Peace Louise.


    1. Thank you Michael you words are very much appreciated. Best Alan

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