Monthly Archives: July 2013

10 weeks and one day

Sunday was the 10 week anniversary of my wife’s death. Like clockwork, at 12.30pm every Sunday, my subconscious kicks in and no matter where I am I know that it’s time for me to pause and reflect. Last week on the 9th anniversary it was in the middle of a long bike ride. I had […]

Advice from the edge of life

My wife sadly lost her battle with cancer on May 19th 2013. Shortly before she died she shared her thoughts on how your attitude to life changes when you’re so close to death. Intimate, honest and utterly compelling, this is Lou’s re-appraisal of what’s most important in life. Along with Louise’s own thoughts and excerpts […]

Alive: Rankin Faces Death

  Here’s the link to the show on BBC iPlayer with Lou playing a starring role x

Alive: In the face of death

My lovely better half took part in this project with Rankin and it’s now due to be aired this coming Saturday on BBC2. It’s intelligently presented, powerful meditation on mortality, photography and what it means to be alive. Here’s a bit about it: BBC North and Liverpool Museums have joined forces to bring the latest […]