Alive: In the face of death


My lovely better half took part in this project with Rankin and it’s now due to be aired this coming Saturday on BBC2. It’s intelligently presented, powerful meditation on mortality, photography and what it means to be alive.

Here’s a bit about it:

BBC North and Liverpool Museums have joined forces to bring the latest project of one of the worlds leading photographers, Rankin, to The Walker and BBC Two’s The Culture Show.

Best known for his compelling portraits of modern icons, ‘Alive: In the Face of Death’ sees the photographer focus his lens on members of the UK public who are living with a terminal illness.

The Culture Show has had unique behind-the-scenes access as he focuses his lens on people who are living with a terminal illness, or have been forced to confront their mortality through personal or professional experience.

So BBC2 10pm Saturday 13th July and then on BBC iPlayer.



  1. Louise · · Reply

    Really looking forward to seeing this, Alan. You must watch it surrounded by people who love you and Lou.

  2. Wow….have just watched this amazing program, which led me to look up the Walker gallery website so I can plan a visit, which led me to Lou’s blog. The programme was so sensitively done yet the images were so powerful. I have read quite a lot of Lou’s blog now – what an incredible woman. She is very much still Alive in the face of death and I am sure many people will continue to take great comfort and strength from her writing. I so wanted to know that she had made it to the opening of the exhibition. Thank you Al for continuing the blog.

  3. I watched this documentary last night. What wonderful people, each with their own powerful stories to tell and insights to give. Louise in particular was an inspiration, and this blog just shows even more what a singularly thoughtful, kind and beautiful woman she was. Like anyone else who didn’t already know her story, I’m sure, I was shattered to learn that she died shortly after her interview was filmed. I am so sorry for your loss.

  4. Jacqui · · Reply

    Amazing programme watched it expecting to cry throughout however these people were all living not dying. Rankin himself was very different than I imagined and so very compassionate with such lovely people. Al, you and Lou were and are a lovely couple for two people to love each other so much and now need to be apart is just horrid. Kind thoughts and love x

  5. Jackie Blackwell · · Reply

    Thank you Lou for sharing part of yourself to so many. My sister also has bone cancer and now in remission, it’s not really something that we talk about, as if we do I think scared it will return, even though we actually do know that it’s very likely to. Thank you Alan.

  6. Paula Woodruff · · Reply

    I too watched the documentary last night and found it so moving, thought provoking and truthful. I then immediately went online to find out details of the exhibition, which then led me to Louise’s blog. I am so humbled to read about Louise’s journey and so inspired by her words and ultimately her message -to live in the present….enjoy the moment. Thank you Louise

  7. Pat Mackinnon · · Reply

    Watched ‘Alive’ last night Al, and then today Debbie Hunter, myself and DebbieWilson (all Thistle employees), biked to South Queensferry, felt so good to be alive! Debbie Wilson’s husband Colin died in December also from cancer, and this made today in light of Lou’s Alive documentary very poignant. My thoughts are with you Al, and not a day goes by in Thistle when Lou’s influence is not felt. Pat. Xxx

    where Lou’s influence is not felt. Thinking if you, Pat.

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