I’m a designer, cyclist, sometimes baker and very proud husband to my beautiful wife Louise.

We were married two years ago, whilst Lou was in remission.

My wife has spent most of the last ten years fighting cancer, in its various manifestations.

Sadly, it has recently returned and is terminal.

This blog is for us to share our story and for me to introduce you to an amazing woman.

If you read this, we both hope that you take nothing from it but inspiration, positivity and hope.

Finally, we’re also raising awareness of two charities: The Thistle Foundation (thistle.org.uk)
and SCAT – Bone Cancer Trust http://bit.ly/h54dKY

You can follow some of our news on twitter: @ainsleyalan

Flickr: Flickr.com/photos/leithal

Louise is also part of a major exhibition by international photographer Rankin ‘alive – in the face of death’ running at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool and an accompanying documentary by BBC Culture Show that is currently scheduled to appear on BBC2 22 June 2013.




  1. Karen Kneale · · Reply

    Alan, haven’t met your lovely wife (my loss!) but wanted to send you both love and also wanted to say well done to you both for being so brave in sharing your journey – it must be incredibly hard but yep, I’m sure you can both be sure everyone will take something positive from you doing this. Big love from me xxx

    1. Thank you Karen x

  2. I don’t know you – I’m a friend of a friend of a friend – but I do think that you are a brave and amazing couple. Stories like yours have profound positive ripples and really do promote resilience in others. With very best wishes

    1. Thank you Sarah x

  3. Jan Dobie · · Reply

    Lou, just a few words of support , at this time. Having known you in the earlier stages of your journey, I’ve always been so humbled by your positivity and efforts to maintain normality through very trying times. Love to you and Al, and if there is anything an old DN can do, just drop me a note. Jan xxx

  4. Solveig Hoy · · Reply

    I met Louise through the Thistle, although I left soon after she joined. We briefly met in John Lewis after you were married, and you were both so happy and Louise looked so well it was so nice to see. I am so, so sorry that the cancer has returned, I was so hoping this would not happen. Louise is such a wonderful person and you seem like such a lovely couple it truly is heartbreaking. What Louise and you and your families are going through is unimaginable. Your blog is more than inspirational, it’s beyond anything I have ever read. Thank you for this gift. I for one will continue to read it and will be thinking of you both and all those close to you. Solveig

  5. Louise, I read your blog every time Rose posts a link, and have shared it lots already. Sending big hugs across the years – it must be at least 20. I remember an excellent 2nd year party in your house and you were way too cool to know then as well… Still are, clearly. I’m glad you’re being surrounded by fantastic people and know you are much loved. And admired and respected near and far. x

  6. Paula · · Reply

    I hope these links can help …..


  7. Lady, truly, I love the cut of your jib! Anyone who has a party for their leg is right up my street, and whilst I’m only sick in the head, you give me hope that I’m here for a reason and should stop friggin’ about and sort my sh*t out already.

    Shine on Lou, shine on, and stay as long as you can. I for one ain’t done with you yet 😉 x

  8. nyonyohtwe · · Reply

    Lou, you are so brave .
    Stay strong ….
    With Very best wishes x

    J.B Malaysia

  9. Lindka · · Reply

    Hoping and wishing and praying for you, sending white light, what else can I say?!
    Please darling Lou, do consider a low carb ketogenic diet,google cancer cells feed on glucose, and google ‘Budwig Protocol’ = its just one drink er day, doesnt cost much at all. I have used this regime, its complmentary not alternative and 22yrs on I am still around.

  10. Pixie · · Reply

    you really made me laugh today because I read your blog and loved that you have got your sandals.
    Enjoy them a girl can never have too many shoes!!! A cheery hello because you have a rare quality to make others smile when the road is so tough!
    Take care
    a fellow shoe girl x .

  11. Claire · · Reply

    Amazing blog and beautiful words. Please don’t give up there is always tomorrow and always hope. Look into the Gerson Therapy & The China Study, my friend was told she had 4mths if lucky and she told them no and went off to do the above and has no cancer tumours now, her doctors are amazed. She is not alone though, there are so many. The Naked Health detective is another great source of info, maybe your husband could research it. You don’t need a tonne of money, just simple natural foods (juicing vegetables & fruits) to make your body more alkaline and get rid of toxins. I wish you all the luck in the world and really hope that you keep fighting, I know from friends it is hard to do. xxxxxxxxx

  12. Karen · · Reply

    Hi, I discovered your blog this week and I wanted to say thank you. Lou you are absolutely inspirational. Your positivity and sense of fun in the face of all you have gone through is a lesson to everyone. I have been suffering with depression for a long time due to bullying and harassment at work and have felt unable to do anything about it for so long, I was in a really dark place. After reading your blog, I realised that there was hope and this week I resigned from my job. It’s scary but I already feel better. You have changed my life, thank you. Sending you best wishes and hope you and your family are having a good day. xxx

  13. Andy Taplin · · Reply

    Hi Alan, came across Lou’s blog by accident via Twitter, very moving, hadn’t put two and two together, having seen the Rankin pics etc, thinking of you, Andy T

  14. wow, just wow. you all are so truly inspirational. thank you.

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