Hey Lou, I read a while ago that it can help if you write a letter to those that you love and have lost. And I guess right now I need a little help, so I’m writing this to you and thinking that you are just away traveling somewhere lovely. Which I wish, more than […]

A wee while ago I picked up the large, original print of Lou taken by Rankin.The one that hung at the Walker Art Gallery Liverpool for his Alive show. And the one that Lou was filmed making in the BBC Culture Show documentary that appeared last year. I wondered what to do with it – […]

  The first anniversary of Lou’s death will not be here for a little while yet, when it does arrive it may mean more to others than it does to me. That’s because I’m living with the loss of Lou everyday, whilst it’s normal to only concentrate on those we have lost on certain calendar […]

One of Britain’s most successful photographers, Rankin tackling the subject of death head on for his latest exhibition: Alive: In the Face of Death at Liverpool’s Walker Gallery. The BBC Culture Show had unique behind-the-scenes access as he focused his lens on people who are living with a terminal illness, or have been forced to […]

Sometimes words aren’t necessary x

Lou’s recording for BBC Radio Scotland – also selected for Radio 4’s Pick of the Week.

Sunday was the 10 week anniversary of my wife’s death. Like clockwork, at 12.30pm every Sunday, my subconscious kicks in and no matter where I am I know that it’s time for me to pause and reflect. Last week on the 9th anniversary it was in the middle of a long bike ride. I had […]


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